DKN Research Unveils A New Thick Polyimide Film With Thin Metal Layers

August 8th, 2016
News Release from DKN Research, Haverhill, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

 DKN Research, a leading engineering firm specializing in microelectronics and packaging technology, now provides a wide array of polyimide sheets up to 225 microns thick with metallic layers as thin as 0.1 microns. DKN’s polyimide sheets are a reliable substrate for electronic and non-electronic devices where extreme temperatures are the norm.

Traditional polyimide films were developed to withstand extreme temperatures. Their property remains stable from -190 degree C to 300 degree C, and is used as the primary material for flexible circuits and insulated devices. Unfortunately there are several limitations with thickness and laminations due to the basic properties and manufacturing process. Polyimide films generally have a higher gas permeability compared with other traditional plastic films. The film’s surface is too inert, and it’s challenging to make a strong adhesion and form metallic layers without the use of specialized glues. These challenges make it difficult to expand any applications using polyimide films. DKN Research developed a special electroless nickel plating process for the surface of various polyimide films without applying any physical surface treatments. The process encompasses a wide range of film thickness from 5 micron to 225 microns, and copper and gold layers are available down to 0.05 microns thick. Thicker polyimide sheets than 225 microns are available by requests. The bonding strength of the metallic layer exceeds that of adhesive based copper laminates. The new laminates can be the basic material for non-adhesive flexible circuits with a broad range of thicknesses. The Metalizing process will prove valuable for both additive and semi-additive processes when a unique construction of complicated high-density flexible circuits is required. Surprisingly, the thin metallic layer on the surface reduces the permeability of air and moisture to one hundredth. The laminates could be beneficial to use as heat resistant gas barrier sheets for vacuum vessels. The Metalizing process is available on custom made specifications. DKN will send samples of their metal plated or thick film (with or without the metal layer) at no cost.

Attached: Photo of the thick Polyimide Films with Thin Metalizing