One Step Closer to the Transparent Electronics

(Heat Resistant Transparent Flexible Copper Laminates)

Previously, typical flexible circuits had no transparency, because of the color of the polyimide films. However, there have been several new transparent and heat-resistant films developed separately, and their copper laminates have become available without adhesives. They can be processed by standard photo-lithography/etching process. The new laminates will open the doors for the transparent electronics.

Transparency: > 88% (Base film).
Max. Operating Tem.: > 130C.
Max. Processing Temp: > 260C.
The Laminates Have No Adhesive Layer.
Available for Double Sides with Via Holes.
Transparent Conductors are Available.
Combination of Subtractive & Additive Methods
Available Transparent Cover Layer..

Properties of the Transparent Laminate
(Polyimide Film Base)